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Charlie and Jackie step into their 60’s…in Style!

What’s YOUR talent? Charlie Womble and Jackie McGee are professional shag dancers who always seem to put their best foot..err…feet!… forward! They make it all look so easy, don’t they?  Well, the truth is, we all have talents, knowledge or abilities that make each one of us shine in our own corners of the world.…Read More

Senior Moment? Think Again!

SENIOR MOMENT? THINK AGAIN! (by Susan Johnson) It’s a fact! While some abilities decline with age (like remembering a name or certain types of visual processing), many older folks actually become sharper at tasks that are considered to be cognitively taxing. “Olders” are also more adept than their younger counterparts at things like: conflict resolution;…Read More

Say Hello to Harvey and Eddy. Showing us a few more ways to age.

Harvey and Eddy…best friends for more years than many of us have been alive! See what they have to say about getting older…and being younger!Read More

MaJong, Music and More!

Thanks to Gloria Cross, we can all learn to play MaJong! One theory suggests that MaJong was actually played on Noah’s Ark; another suggests the Confuscius developed the game around 500 BC. However it started, the fun is scheduled to begin at the end of June at the Coastal Community Center!       For…Read More

Sixty-Six Seconds

Sixty-Six Seconds by Susan Johnson A lot can happen in a minute. For example: 250 babies are born every minute; lightning strikes the Earth 6,000 times every minute; there are 5 earthquakes every minute and Americans eat 21 thousand slices of pizza every single minute. (Yep, you read that right!) That’s what the statistics say,…Read More


Interested in sharing your thoughts on addressing mobility issues in St. Johns County? Visit our transportation page and add your input via a brief survey!Read More