A Program for Early Cognitive Impairment That Offers:

Agenda Subscription: 104 agendas that include research-based exercises and activities designed specifically for those with early memory loss.

Training: two days of comprehensive train-the-trainer instruction on all IMEP content and modalities. Includes interaction with existing IMEP classes.

Training Podcasts: video podcasts for facilitators to use to enhance their presentations and knowledge of IMEP procedures.

Director’s Guide: a complete training manual for the director of IMEP.  Includes all the instructive tools needed to conduct an effective and successful program, such as staffing instructions, setting up IMEP, selecting participants, instituting emergency protocol, and more.

Facilitator’s Manual: an all-inclusive, instructional manual for facilitators that covers IMEP principles, modalities and policies and procedures: included are facilitator roles, HIPAA privacy laws, programming and activities, emergency procedures and more.

Sample IMEP Forms: a USB that contains the necessary IMEP information in word document format, all of which can be customized for individual agencies.

Guided Relaxation CD: a 10 minute guided relaxation exercise used daily that helps participants relax, reflect and unwind. to improve their overall well being.

IMEP Chair Exercise DVD: a 20 minute “Moving for Memory” chair exercise routine designed by an exercise specialist, for daily use to help participants feel more energetic and alert.

Ongoing Program Support: includes the facilitator newsletter, plus phone and email support for questions and concerns.



For more information , please contact:

Kathy Cinney, IMEP Marketing Manager

904-729-9163 Email: kcinney@stjohnscoa.com