“There are as many ways to age as there are people who are aging. It’s an individual process.”

Becky Yanni, COA Executive Director

The Council on Aging - We Just Might Surprise You!

They couldn't stop themselves. Can YOU?

Laughter has a multitude of health benefits! It can decrease stress hormones, increase immune cells and infection-fighting antibodies and improve your resistance to disease. Laughing also releases endorphins, the body's natural 'feel-good' chemicals. So good ahead...have a good laugh...it's on us!


One thing that might surprise you about the COA is that we are not here to tell you how to age. Because you can – and will - do that without any help from any of us. And, we’re not here to tell you what is best for you. Because you can decide that for yourself much better than we can. In fact, we’re not here to TELL you how to do anything at all! We are here for one simple reason and that is: to help.

If you are caring for your parents, concerned about your health, feeling a little lonely or looking for something fun to do, COA can help. If you need assistance with meals or some information about Alzheimer’s disease, dementia or adult day services, COA can help. Or maybe you’re looking for a place where your skills and talents can be put to good use? Guess what? COA can help!

Another fact that might surprise you is that the Council on Aging is not just for ‘old people!’ We have activities, services, programs and opportunities for children, parents, families, friends and neighbors. We’re fun and informative, creative and supportive, and possibly a lot more comprehensive than you might think. And while we – like you – are always willing to evolve, change and adapt, one thing is constant – we’re here for you. No matter who you are. So come on by and take a look. Because whatever it is you’re looking for, we can help. We’re here for you – we’re your COA!

Our COA main office is located at the Coastal Community Center, 180 Marine St., in downtown St. Augustine and there are additional community senior activity centers conveniently located throughout St. Johns County.

The Council on Aging would like to thank photographers David Macri, Susan Johnson, Elise Moloney and Kathy Cinney for contributing the images on this website.

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Vision Statement

"To provide the opportunity for every person in St. Johns County to enjoy wellness, longevity and quality of life choices within a strong, healthy community."

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